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Japanese Patent JP2003309022
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To provide a roller contactor for a tap selector, which is small in shape and cheap, and a tap selector using the contactor.

The roller controller comprises an upper and lower pair of rollers 12 held on a body 10. A collector contact 2 and a plurality of fixed contacts 3 are inserted between the pair of the rollers. A contact 20 of the roller for the collector contact has a smaller diameter than that of a contact 19 for the fixed contacts. The pair of the rollers, together with the body, are rotatable around a center of the rotation, which is the center of the collector contact. The body is fixed at a rotary axis 1 located inside the collector contact. The base portion of a roller axis 11 is accommodated in a housing hole on the upper side of the body, wherein the body is structured vertically symmetrical. A cylindrical roller is held rotatably at a head portion of the roller axis that extends above the fixed contacts. A pressure application tool 14 is fixed at an intermediate portion of the roller axis. The cross section of the head portion of the pressure application tool is shaped into a concave groove so as to fit the upper face of the contact part for the collector contact. An engagement groove 29 of is a roller pressing point is formed on the upper face of the pressure application tool, while the top edge of a plate spring, whose base portion is fixed on the upper face of the body, is engaged in the engagement groove. The distance between the upper and the lower plate springs is the upper-to-lower width of the roller contactor.

Tajima, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
October 31, 2003
Filing Date:
April 16, 2002
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International Classes:
H01F29/04; (IPC1-7): H01F29/04