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Japanese Patent JP2007186856
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To solve the problem of a conventional roofing with solar cells wherein since the solar cells tend to be excessively heated and roofing is deformed or damaged, roofing is not easy since the solar cells must be fitted properly, weathering is difficult, and rainwater may enter through the clearances between the solar cells and the roofing.

In this roofing with solar cells, solar cell panels 2 are fitted to recessed parts 21 in the front surface of a roofing body 1 formed mainly of a foam ceramic. The roofing has U-shaped flashing ridges 3 in plan view in a flat channel shape at the surface hip end and the surface both ends, has a projecting part 6 at the surface hip end, and has a head side hooking part 4 and a hip side hooking part 5 on the rear surface. The solar cell panels 2 are fitted to the front surface recessed parts, and a solar cell cord 7 is extracted from the roofing. Clearances are formed between a roofing base and the roofing to provide heat insulating effects. Consequently, heat is prevented from being diffused to the roofing bed and the solar energy can be used without waste.

Kaneko, Akio
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July 26, 2007
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January 11, 2006
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E04D1/30; H01L31/042
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大矢 広文
竹中 一宣