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Japanese Patent JP2009023045
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To provide a rotary tool holder which allows rotary tools such as rotary brushes to be positively mounted on a rotating shaft without idle running, and enhances the versatility of the rotary brushes.

The rotary tool holder has a pair of half-bodies 10 for pinching the rotary tools 2 each formed with a mounting hole 5 larger in diameter than the rotating shaft, on both sides of the rotary tools 2. Each half-body 10 is formed with a shaft mounting hole 15 into which the rotating shaft is inserted, and has a plurality of first bosses 17 protruded from a surface thereof opposed to the counterpart, around the shaft mounting hole 15 and in a range in which the bosses are fitted into the mounting hole 5, at circumferential intervals. Herein the first bosses 17 of the one half-body 10 are each opposed to a space between the first bosses 17 of the other half-body 10, and both the half-bodies 10 are connected together by a connection bolt penetrating through the first boss 17.

Umado, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
February 05, 2009
Filing Date:
July 19, 2007
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B23B31/02; A46B7/08
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安田 敏雄
安田 幹雄