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Japanese Patent JPH08299004
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PURPOSE: To prevent toe head sections and tiptoe sections from colliding with hard protective bodies while rubber-soled socks are worn and prevent an injury from the inside by providing void sections serving as idle spaces at the portions corresponding to the toe head sections and tiptoe sections.

CONSTITUTION: Protective bodies 3, 4 including a big toe protective body 3 are molded with a steel plate, a synthetic resin such as a reinforced plastic, or a leather such as a cowhide impregnated with the synthetic resin. A grounding bottom 2 is extended at the portion corresponding to an extension. The big toe section and four-toe section of an upper 1 are covered with both protective bodies 3, 4 thus molded, and the protective bodies 3, 4 are stuck so that a void 3A is formed from a big toe section to a tiptoe section. The void 3A is formed from the toe head section to the tiptoe section of toes 5, a toe fork is formed between the big toe and four toes of rubber-soled socks, the forward movement of the toes is restricted, these portions are not advanced to collide with the protective bodies 3, 4, and no injury is given from the inside. The length of the portion B serving as an idle space is set to about 2mm to several mm.

Okayasu, Hideo
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Publication Date:
November 19, 1996
Filing Date:
May 12, 1995
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A43B3/00; A43B7/32; A43B13/14; A43B23/02; A43B23/08; (IPC1-7): A43B3/00; A43B23/02; A43B23/08