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Japanese Patent JP2019105099
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To provide a safe that is excellent in security, fire resistance, and heat insulation.SOLUTION: A safe 1 features in that either or both of a safe body 2 and safe door 3 include outer surface plate portions 4a, 5a, inner surface plate portions 4b, 5b, metal plate structures 4, 5, cemented body hardened bodies 6, 7, and thermal insulation 8, 9; the cemented body hardened body including cement, silica fume with BET specific surface area of 15 to 25 m/g, inorganic powder with 50% volume cumulative particle size of 0.8 to 5 μm, aggregate A with maximum particle size of 1.2 mm or less, high-performance water reducing agent, extinction foam, metal fibers with a diameter of 0.01 to 1.0 mm and a length of 2 to 30 mm, organic fibers, and water; in 100 vol.% of a total of the cement, the silica fume and the above inorganic powder, the proportion of the cement is 55 to 65% by volume, the proportion of the silica fume is 5 to 25% by volume, the proportion of the inorganic powder is 15 to 35% by volume, and the proportion of the metal fibers in the cement composition is more than 3.0% by volume and not more than 4.5% by volume.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

森 香奈子
河野 克哉
多田 克彦
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June 27, 2019
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December 13, 2017
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E05G1/024; B28B11/24; C04B14/06; C04B14/48; C04B16/06; C04B18/14; C04B20/00; C04B24/26; C04B28/02
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衡田 直行
北村 周彦
村地 俊弥