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Japanese Patent JP11022128
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To provide a safety rope fixture capable of being simply installed in a ridge section, capable of being utilized after the time of roofing works at an initial stage and capable of being moved and adjusted in an opening between a safety-rope mounting plate and a base material for fixing.

A safety-rope mounting plate 1 is bent in a chevron shape along a sloped roof, and safety-rope mounting holes 42 are formed at both end sections. A base material 2 for fixing is bent in the chevron shape extending over the ridge section of the sloped roof 4, width in the ridge-section direction of the substrate 2 for fixing is made wider than that of the safety-rope mounting plate 1, and substrate mounting holes 22 are formed. A vertical plate 3 consists of an upper plate 31 and a lower plate 32, the lower end section of the upper plate 31 and the upper end section of the lower plate 32 are abutted, a slot 33 is bored to either one of the upper plate 31 or the lower plate 21 and a bolt hole 34 is bored to the other, the upper plate 31 can be moved vertically, and the upper plate 31 and the lower plate 32 are fixed by a bolt and a nut.

Takeuchi, Kiyoshi
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Publication Date:
January 26, 1999
Filing Date:
July 02, 1997
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E04D15/00; A62B35/00; E04G21/32; E04D15/00; A62B35/00; E04G21/32; (IPC1-7): E04D15/00; A62B35/00; E04G21/32