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Japanese Patent JP3967781
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PURPOSE: To provide a safety switch device which can surely keep a door or the like from opening unless a high-temperature portion is cooled while industrial machinery or the like is in a complete stopped state.
CONSTITUTION: This safety switch device comprises a switching actuator 4 mounted on a door D, etc., and a main body portion 1 secured into place in such a way that the switching actuator 4 is drawn into and out of it by the opening and closing of the door D, etc. The main body portion 1 is provided with a safety switch S1 which is switched so that main circuits P3, P4 for supplying power to machines, etc., are turned on and off by the drawing in and out of the switching actuator 4; a lock mechanism that locks the inserted switching actuator 4 automatically and mechanically to prevent the actuator 4 from being drawn out; and a solenoid 34 for unlocking the lock mechanism. The device is also provided with a timer TM which is actuated by the input of an off detection signal at the detection of the cutoff of the supply of power to the machines, etc., to measure a certain period of time and a timer switch S3 which is inserted into and connected to the power supply circuits P5, P6 of the solenoid 34 and turned on when the timer TM has measured the period of time.

Fukui, Takao
Ishiguro, Takehiro
Sasaki, Shigeto
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Publication Date:
August 29, 2007
Filing Date:
January 25, 1995
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H01H9/20; H01H43/04; H01H3/16; H01H27/00; (IPC1-7): H01H9/20; H01H3/16; H01H43/04
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