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Japanese Patent JPH07226783
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PURPOSE: To allow the sampling phase synchronization device for Viterbi equalizer to provide a sampling timing at which the reliability of a demodulation code demodulated by a Viterbi equalizer is best under a multi-path fading transmission line environment specific to mobile communication.

CONSTITUTION: A reception signal 13 is orthogonally transformed by an orthogonal transform section 15 in a receiver 14 and becomes a complex base band signal 16. The complex base band signal is given to an oversampling section 17, in which the signal becomes a discrete signal series 18. The discrete signal series 18 is inputted to a transmission line impulse response estimate section 114, in which a transmission line impulse response 115 is estimated. A normalized undesired signal power 117 is calculated by the transmission line impulse response 115 and an average normalized undesired signal power 121 is calculated in addition to the normalized undesired signal power 117. Thus, the average normalized undesired signal power is calculated, an optimum sampling reference signal 123 is decided, the complex base band discrete reception signal series 110 subjected to oversampling is thinned and the result is inputted to the Viterbi equalizer.

Namekata, Minoru
Murakami, Junzo
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Publication Date:
August 22, 1995
Filing Date:
February 16, 1994
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H04L27/38; H04B3/06; H04J3/06; H04L7/00; H04L25/08; (IPC1-7): H04L27/38; H04B3/06; H04J3/06; H04L7/00; H04L25/08
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則近 憲佑