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Japanese Patent JP2535492
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PURPOSE: To provide a savings box having an amusement property in processes from setting to receiving of coins while having additionally a magical element.
CONSTITUTION: An opening part 121 of a coin receiving section 12 constituting an outside body 1 is opposed to a coin mounting surface 111 and an inner space is connected to the opening part 121. A press drive mechanism 2 is moved against a first spring 21 when a movable member 22 receives an external force. A hitting mechanism 3 has a second spring 31 and a hitting member 32. When the movable member 22 is moved by receiving the external force, the hitting member 32 is pressed against the second spring 31 and a hitting surface 321 parts from the rear surface of the coin mounting part 11. Thereafter, when the movable member 22 reaches a predetermined position, the hitting member 32 gets out of the movable member 22 and the hitting surface 321 hits the rear surface of the coin mounting surface 111 with the stability of the second spring 31.

Suzuki, Nobuhiro
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Publication Date:
September 18, 1996
Filing Date:
April 21, 1993
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International Classes:
A45C1/12; (IPC1-7): A45C1/12
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阿部 美次郎