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Japanese Patent JP2003119936
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To provide a screen in which toilet paper and the like can be mounted as an option in an optimum position if necessary.

A holding device 26 for holding the option such as the toilet paper P is detachably provided in paired screen bodies 11 which are coupled together in such a manner as to be relatively turnable from a folding position to an unfolding position. Open parts 20 are formed in the screen bodies 11; and the holding device 26 is mounted in such a manner that an intermediate horizontal frame 17, which forms the open part 20, serves as a part on which the holding device 26 is to be mounted. The holding device 26 is composed of: a holding part body 28 which is provided in such a manner as to have a U shape in which an upper part is opened downward, and which can be mounted astride the surface and backside of the frame 17; and a holding part 29 which is provided in the body 28.

Tabata, Hideichiro
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Publication Date:
April 23, 2003
Filing Date:
October 12, 2001
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International Classes:
A47K10/36; A47G5/00; A61G9/00; E04B2/74; (IPC1-7): E04B2/74; A47G5/00; A47K10/36
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山口 義雄