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Japanese Patent JP2011236823
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To provide a screw compressor having a high gas leakage suppressing effect.

The screw compressor includes a radial seal portion C in which a screw rotor 2 and a bearing holder 6 are opposed to each other in the radial direction, and a thrust seal portion D in which the screw rotor 2 and the bearing holder 6 are opposed to each other in the axial direction. A screw seal 10 for generating the pumping action in the direction toward a high-pressure area of an outer circumferential portion from the low-pressure side as the screw rotor 2 is rotated is provided on an outer circumferential surface of a high-pressure side shaft end portion 4 of the screw rotor 2 in the radial seal portion C. A surface groove 20 for forming an oil seal to suppress leakage of refrigerant gas to the low-pressure side is formed in one of opposing surfaces of the thrust seal portion D.

Kaminakai, Naoto
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Publication Date:
November 24, 2011
Filing Date:
May 11, 2010
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International Classes:
F04C27/00; F04C18/16; F04C29/00
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小林 久夫
安島 清
高梨 範夫
山東 元希
小河 卓
村田 健誠
大谷 元