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Japanese Patent JP2011038492
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To provide a scroll compressor including a movable scroll inserted into a rotating shaft with an oil seal on the inserting direction side of a movable scroll previously assembled to a boss portion.

The rotating shaft 101 is rotatably supported with respect to front and rear fixed scrolls 115F, 115R, the boss portion 122 of the movable scroll 116 is turnably journalled to the eccentric shaft portion 126 of the rotating shaft 101 through a needle bearing 130, a shim 170 is provided for axially positioning the eccentric shaft portion 126, and an oil seal 139 is provided between the boss portion 122 and the eccentric shaft portion 126. The eccentric shaft portion 126 is constituted of: a large diameter portion 135 on the side in the inserting direction of the movable scroll 116; and a small diameter portion 131 on a side opposite to the inserting direction of the movable scroll 116. The oil seal 139 on the side in the inserting direction of the movable scroll 116 is supported by the large diameter portion 135, the shim 170 is supported by the small diameter portion 131, and the position of the shim 170 is regulated by a stepped portion d between the large diameter portion 135 and the small diameter portion 131.

Nakayasu, Tetsuya
Muroi, Shunsuke
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Publication Date:
February 24, 2011
Filing Date:
August 18, 2009
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International Classes:
F04C18/02; F04C27/00; F04C29/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
志賀 正武
高橋 詔男
佐伯 義文
鈴木 三義
西 和哉
村山 靖彦