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Japanese Patent JP2011247114
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To provide a scroll fluid machine that reduces restrictions on mounting of a fastening member for fastening turning scrolls to a pivot and prevents an increase in temperature of the pivot.

The scroll fluid machine 1 includes: a casing 2; fixed scrolls 3, 4 with fixed laps 3B, 4B disposed upright on fixed end plates 3A, 4A fixed to the casing; an eccentric cylinder 5 rotatably supported by the casing and having an eccentric shaft hole 5A formed thereon; the pivot 11 rotatably provided in the eccentric shaft hole 5A; the turning scrolls 12, 13 fixed at the end of the pivot and having turning laps 12B, 13B to be engaged with the fixed laps; and a rotation preventing mechanism 15 for preventing rotation of the turning scrolls. In the scroll fluid machine, the fastening member 20 is provided for fastening the turning scrolls 12, 13 to the pivot 11, and a storage space 30 is formed between the end of the pivot 11 and turning laps 12B, 13B in order to store the exposed portion of the fastening member 20.

Sato, Kazuaki
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Publication Date:
December 08, 2011
Filing Date:
May 24, 2010
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F04C18/02; F04C27/00; F04C29/00; F04C29/04
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特許業務法人 高橋松本&パートナーズ