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Japanese Patent JP3124093
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PURPOSE: To provide a scroll pump capable of increasing its performance remarkably without increasing its cost due to increase in part accuracy and assembly accuracy.
CONSTITUTION: A ring type recessed or protruded part is provided on a housing 52 of a pump and seal surfaces 58 and 59 of a casing 53. And a protruded or recessed part to be engaged at a slight clearance with the ring type recessed or protruded part is located on the side face of an impeller 50. Also a ring groove is provided in seal faces of the housing and the easing, and ring type seal members are inserted into the groove so that they are made in contact with the side face of the impeller 50 on both sides of an elastic body. In addition, the ring groove is provided in the seal faces of the housing and the casing, and the seal member is inserted into it and a pressure leading hole for connecting to a wind line is provided at least in a part of the groove. Thus the protruded part and seal members prevent high-pressure air from escaping to low pressure side to increase the efficiency of the pump.

Sekiya, Mutsuo
Asada, Satoshi
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Publication Date:
January 15, 2001
Filing Date:
December 27, 1991
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F01N3/22; F01N3/32; F04D23/00; F04D29/08; (IPC1-7): F04D23/00
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金山 敏彦 (外2名)