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Japanese Patent JP2019138376
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To provide a seismic isolation mechanism which can reduce acceleration which is generated when a sider passes a point in which an inclination angle of an inclined face is switched, acceleration which is generated by an impact of a stick slip phenomenon, and acceleration which is larger than that of an intermediate layer generated at an upper layer and a lower layer of a building.SOLUTION: When a lower structure 11 and an upper structure 12 are relatively displaced to a horizontal direction, laminated rubber 45 is deformed to the horizontal direction while following the relative displacement, and after the horizontal displacement with respect to an original position of the laminated rubber 45 exceeds a prescribed horizontal displacement set value, a slider 4 slides on at least either of a lower slide face 21 and an upper slide face. A maximum value of a relative displacement amount in the horizontal direction between a lower slide part 42 and an upper slide part 44 is set to a double of a thickness dimension of the laminated rubber 45 or smaller, and when the displacement amount in the horizontal direction is not larger than a double of the thickness dimension of the laminated rubber 45, the laminated rubber 45 is elastically deformed, and not plastically deformed.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5

劉 銘崇
磯田 和彦
濱 智貴
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Publication Date:
August 22, 2019
Filing Date:
February 09, 2018
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F16F15/02; E04H9/02; F16F15/04
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
松沼 泰史
川渕 健一
西澤 和純

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