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Japanese Patent JP3774955
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a handrail capable of self-purifying by rain by providing a surface layer containing a photocatalytic oxide particle on the surface of a handrail base.
SOLUTION: A surface layer containing a photocatalytic oxide particle is formed on the surface of a handrail base. The photocatalyst is formed of an oxide, whereby the contaminant is eliminated by the optical exciting action to form an adsorptive water layer since the oxide shows hydrophilic property in the state where the contaminant in the environment is not adsorbed, whereby the hydrophilic property is easily exhibited, and an uniform water membrane is formed. As the light source used for optical excitation of the photocatalyst, solar light is utilized in daytime, and road lighting or the headlamp of a traveling vehicle is utilized at night. Such a surface structure is adapted, whereby the surface of the handrail is made highly hydrophilic according to the optical excitation of the photocatalyst. Thus, the sediment or contaminant adhered to the surface of the surface layer is washed away by raindrops. Thus, a handrail capable of self-purifying by rain can be provided.

Hayakawa, Makoto
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March 03, 2006
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September 25, 1996
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中村 行孝
吉武 賢次
横田 修孝
紺野 昭男
高村 雅晴