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Japanese Patent JP3666159
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make the quality of a copied image high, without making a habit of winding, even if a multilayer endless belt is not used for a long time, in a state where it is extended on a roller by making a thickest layer greatly participating in the materiality of the whole multilayer endless belt, made of a material set to make its thermal deformation temp. in a specific range.
SOLUTION: This endless belt has three-layer structure of an inner layer 13, an intermediate layer 14 adjacent to it and an outer layer 15 adjacent to the intermediate layer 14. Then, the thickness of each layer is set so that the outer layer 15 is thickest, the inner layer 13 is next thicker and the intermediate layer 14 is thinnest. As a forming material for the thickest outer layer 15 in the three layer structure, one whose thermal deformation temp. is ≥90°C is used. In other words, in the case the thermal deformation temp. is <90°C, when the obtained endless belt is used in the state where it is extended on the roller, the molecular array of the forming material for a layer greatly participating in the decision of the shape of the endless belt is gradually broken by the compression of the inside and the expansion of the outside, in the endless belt in a contact part with the roller.

Yasui, Eiji
Fujita, Tsukasa
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Publication Date:
April 15, 2005
Filing Date:
January 23, 1997
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G03G15/16; B29D29/00; G03G7/00; B29K27/12; (IPC1-7): G03G15/16; G03G7/00