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Japanese Patent JP2018201048
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To provide a semiconductor device suitable for micro-miniaturization or to provide a highly-reliable semiconductor device, or to give excellent electrical characteristics to a semiconductor device using an oxide semiconductor.SOLUTION: The semiconductor device comprises on an insulation surface: an island-like semiconductor layer; a pair of electrodes contacting a side of the semiconductor layer and overlapping with a part of an upper surface of the layer; an oxide layer positioned between the semiconductor layer and the electrodes and contacted with the part of the upper surface of the semiconductor layer and parts of lower surfaces of the electrodes; a gate electrode overlapping with the semiconductor layer; and a gate insulation layer between the semiconductor layer and the gate electrode. The semiconductor layer includes an oxide semiconductor and the pair of electrodes include Al, Cr, Cu, Ta, Ti, Mo or W.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

田中 哲弘
花岡 一哉
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December 20, 2018
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September 21, 2018
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H01L29/786; H01L21/28; H01L21/336; H01L21/8239; H01L21/8242; H01L27/105; H01L27/108; H01L27/1156; H01L29/417; H01L29/423; H01L29/49; H01L29/788; H01L29/792

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