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Japanese Patent JPH0727142
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PURPOSE: To increase reliability in the operation by providing a first elastic shaft coupling of a known system of a rubber roller coupling having a bar-like rubber elastic coupling body supported between a hub and an external polygon to simplify the design of a two-stage torsion rubber elastic shaft coupling.

CONSTITUTION: Four elastic coupling bodies 16 form a first group to compensate a rubber ring of a prior art in the point of the function. When the torque is introduced to a coupling flange 10 useful for a drive flange in the circumferential direction U, the coupling flange 10 is relatively displaced to a hub 12 in the rotational direction, and a rubber elastic element 16 serves as a torsion bar. In a case of a small torque equivalent to the no-load operation or a low partial load of a prime mover, the torque is transmitted to the hub 12 through the rubber elastic element 16 and to a shaft coupled therewith only from the coupling flange 10. When the torque and the vibration amplitude are increased, a rubber elastic joint element 17 of a second group reaches a force bundle to transmit the power from the coupling flange 10 to the hub 12.

Kirschey, Gerhard
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Publication Date:
January 27, 1995
Filing Date:
March 18, 1994
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F16D3/50; F16D3/68; (IPC1-7): F16D3/68
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中平 治

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