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Japanese Patent JP3358798
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a simple deodorizing device able to be constituted so as to be easily portable by mixing malodorous air sucked by means of a sucking pipe and a malodorous air sucking ejector in a deodorant solution inside a deodorant solution tank from a filter chamber, deodorizing the air by means of contact with the solution and dispersing it into the air from a discharge pipe as almost non-odor one.
SOLUTION: The deodorant solution 2 is poured into the deodorant solution tank 1 up to an air bubble storing plate 3, the pressure inside the malodorous air sucking ejector B is reduced by operation of an underwater pump 5 equipped inside the tank 11 and malodor is sucked from the sucking pipe 4. Sucked malodor is mixed in the solution flowing in the pipe 4 and guided to the filter chamber 6. Gas is floated in the chamber 6 and the solution 2 is circulated. The air bubbles of separated gas decompose malodor while floating in the solution 2. The air bubbles of floated gas are stopped by the plate 3, removed from exhaust holes 3b and made into a purified gas. The purified gas passes through an aromatic 8 and dispersed into the air while emitting a nice smell.

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December 24, 2002
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April 03, 1998
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A47K17/00; A61G9/00; A61L9/16; B01D53/38; B01D53/77; E03D9/05; (IPC1-7): A61L9/16; A47K17/00; A61G9/00; B01D53/38; B01D53/77; E03D9/05
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竹中 一宣