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Japanese Patent JPS5735120
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PURPOSE: To improve the output and the fuel cost of an engine by obtaining a six-stroke engine adapted for successive operation of strokes of suction, compression, and combustion of air-fuel mixture, exhaustion of the burned gas, air suction, and air exhaustion.

CONSTITUTION: A cylinder head of a reciprocation engine is provided with an air suction valve 8 near the central part as well as with a conventional suction valve 2 and exhaust valve 6. After strokes of suction, exhaustion, and combustion of air- fuel mixture and exhaustion of the burned gas, particularly, when a piston 1 reaches the top dead center and the exhaustion of the burned gas is finished, the exhaust valve 6 is closed and the air suction valve 8 is opened for sucking in air. In this construction, burned gas remained in a cylinder is diluted by the air. Then, when the piston 1 is risen from the bottom dead center, the air suction valve 8 is closed, and again the exhaust valve 6 is opened to exhaust the air. Subsequently, similar strokes are repeatedly operated for obtaining power.

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Shima, Moriyuki
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Publication Date:
February 25, 1982
Filing Date:
August 11, 1980
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F02B69/06; F02B75/02; F02F1/24; (IPC1-7): F02B69/06; F02B75/02