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Japanese Patent JPH03284595
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PURPOSE: To improve the safety and the maintenance workability by providing a clearance of space corresponding to extension by expansion previously between adjacent fellow skirt guard panels and mounting a patch of size which protrudes from a reverse side of the one panel to close this clearance.

CONSTITUTION: A skirt guard 3 is constituted by mounting a patch 10 to one end and a patch hook 9 to the other end of a panel 2 to successively arrange these panels with a clearance 11. Since the clearance 11 is thus provided previ ously in a connection part of the skirt guard 3, a panel 2 is held between the patch 10 and the patch hook 9 and slid to absorb a change of this sliding even when the clearance 11 is changed by generating swelling and contraction in the panel by hotness and cold accordingly by extending and contracting a length of the panel. By the above-mentioned constitution, the adjacent fellow panels are prevented from being shifted and overlapped by extending the skirt guard panel 2, and irregularity over the total length is prevented from being generated. No gap for foreign matter to intrude is generated in the clearance between the skirt guard panels by the patch 10.

Imai, Ichiro
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Publication Date:
December 16, 1991
Filing Date:
March 30, 1990
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International Classes:
B66B23/22; (IPC1-7): B66B23/22