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Japanese Patent JP3845160
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the viscosity of slag and to give a good coating ability by charging a refractoriness improver after lowering the iron oxide to a specific value and lower with a slag oxidizing degree reduced agent when the iron oxide concn. in the remained slag in a converter is a specific value or higher.
SOLUTION: The refractoriness improver is charged into the slag remained in the converter after tapping a steel to increase the refractoriness with the slag and the slag is stuck to the lining refractory in the converter to restrain the damage of the lining refractory. At this time, in the case of being ≥15% iron oxide concn. of FeO, Fe2O3, etc., in the slag, firstly, the slag oxidizing degree reduced agent (coke, Al-containing compound, Mg-containing compound) is charged to reduce the iron oxide concn. to ≤15%. Successively, the refractoruness improver (raw dolomite, lime stone, converter slag) is charged to improve the refractoriness of the slag, and the slag is stuck to the lining refractory in the converter. By this method, the coating ability of the slag is improved and the worn quantity of the lining refractory in the converter is reduced and the service life of the converter body is extended.

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松井 剛
鷲巣 敏
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November 15, 2006
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December 19, 1996
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C21C5/36; C21C5/44; (IPC1-7): C21C5/36; C21C5/44
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青木 篤
石田 敬
古賀 哲次
亀松 宏
永坂 友康
萩原 康弘