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Japanese Patent JP2019007592
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To provide a slide bearing for a diagonally-split connecting rod which can prevent the damage of a crank pin caused by contact even if a large end part is deformed by receiving an inertia load in a piston direction.SOLUTION: In a slide bearing (rod-side slide bearing 11, cap-side slide bearing 21) which is formed into half-split shapes so as to be fixed to a rod-side large end part 2a and a cap-side large end part 2b, and to internal peripheral faces 9a, 9b of the large end parts in a diagonally-split connecting rod 1 for connecting a crank pin 31 and a piston 32, the rod-side large end part 2a and the cap-side large end part 2b are assembled to each other by abutting on a first mating face 2c located at a side near a rod 4, and a second mating face 2d located at a side apart from the rod 4, respectively, and since a wall thickness D2 of the second mating face 2d side is thinner than a wall thickness D1 of the first mating face 2c side, a clearance between an external peripheral face of the crank pin 31 and itself is formed so as to be large at the second mating face 2d side more than that at the first mating face 2c side.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

高田 裕紀
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January 17, 2019
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June 27, 2017
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F16C9/06; F16C7/02
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