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Japanese Patent JP2019093889
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To provide a slide device which can exhibit foreign matter removal function.SOLUTION: A bulging part 14, which bulges to an upper side, is provided at a position of a bottom plate part 11C of a stationery rail 11 deviated in a slide direction with respect a fastener 13. The bulging part 14 is integrally molded with the bottom plate part 11C. On width direction one end side and other end side with the bulging part 14 interposed therebetween, two through holes 15A, 15B, which penetrate the bottom plate part 11C, are provided. Thus, the bulging part 14 of a slide device 10 can function as a guide member which guides a foreign matter to an upper part of a second flange part 13C, and therefore, the slide device 10 can exhibit foreign matter removal function. Further, a person, who manufactures the stationary rail 11, can integrally mold the bulging part 14 to the bottom plate part 11C by plastic working such as press working, for example, even after a first side wall part 11A, a second side wall part 11B and the bottom plate part 11C are integrally molded.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5

青木 茂
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June 20, 2019
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November 22, 2017
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