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Japanese Patent JP2005163846
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To provide a sliding device, in which micro-slip phenomenon can be securely restricted, and in which constitution is simplified to improve productivity and reduce cost, so as to achieve practicability.

A sliding element 2 is provided to be slidable to a shaft 1, a load passage 3 is provided between the shaft 1 and the sliding element 2, and a plurality of rolling elements 4 are disposed in the load passage 3, so that the rolling elements 4 are movable to roll in the load passage 3 in this sliding device. In the rolling elements 4 disposed in the load passage 3, one or more rolling elements 5 are provided with protrusions 5a or recesses, while in the load passage, recesses 3a or protrusions to be engaged with the protrusions 5a or recesses of the rolling elements 5 are provided. The rolling elements 5 are disposed in the load passage 3 as their protrusions and recesses are engaged with those of the load passage each other. In the load passage 3, a rolling element retainer 6 to retain the rolling elements 4 and 5 are disposed.

Yamazaki, Mitsuru
Kazama, Toyoji
Application Number:
Publication Date:
June 23, 2005
Filing Date:
November 28, 2003
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International Classes:
F16C33/34; A63B22/20; F16C29/04; F16C33/46; (IPC1-7): F16C29/04; F16C33/34
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
吉井 剛
吉井 雅栄