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Japanese Patent JP2000229755
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To provide a device capable of mounting the next core speedily after taking out a product from two winding shafts simultaneously without applying load on the winding shafts around which slit products are wound and carrying the product out of a slitter and having satisfactory work efficiency.

In a device for taking a slitter winding product 12 out of a winding shaft 11 and carrying it out, a support means 20 which forms the winding shaft 11 into an overhung shape when the slitter winding product 12 is carried out, a conveyance means 31 which comes out of the winding shaft 11 for conveyance, and a hold means 50 which loads the conveyed product and holds it are provided. The conveyance means 31 has a conveyance base 32, a tilting means 33 tilting it, a lifting means 35 lifting and lowering a conveyance frame 34 on which the conveyance base 32 is attached, and a guide rail 38 moving a frame 37 in which the conveyance frame 34 is arranged through a linear guide 36. The hold means is a carry-out device having a loading frame on which a loading base of the slitter winding product 12 is loaded, a lifting means lifting and lowering it, and a pushing out means 54 pushing the slitter winding product 12 out of the loading base.

Kushiro, Masatomo
Kanemitsu, Toshifumi
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Publication Date:
August 22, 2000
Filing Date:
February 10, 1999
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International Classes:
B65H19/30; (IPC1-7): B65H19/30