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Japanese Patent JP3524676
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reliably perform connection and also to immediately perform release of locking pressure from the connecting state of a pipe by the simple operation.
SOLUTION: Elastic seal ring members 6 and a bush member 7 are mounted in a small-diameter chamber 3' part of a main body 1 in which the small- diameter chamber 3' and a large-diameter chamber 3 connected to a passage hole 4 of a connecting cylindrical wall 2 on the tip side are provided on the axial inside part, and an annular expansion wall P' part on a pipe P side to be connected by a claw wall 5 part on a tongue-like elastic bouncing wall 1" for taking a bent part projectingly provided on the front part and inward inclined near the intermediate part as a claw part 5 and energizing it inward is integrally formed on a cutout window groove 1' part provided on the facing parts formed of peripheral walls on the large-diameter chamber 3 side. A sleeve member 8 is mounted outside the peripheral wall of the small-diameter chamber 3' so as to be turned in the lateral direction or slid in the longitudinal direction, an elastic bouncing wall 1" part is contracted with the turning movement or the sliding movement on the expansion wall 8' provided on the outer peripheral side, and locking and releasing of it on the claw part 5 are performed.

Fukaya, Kazumi
Watanabe, Eiji
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Publication Date:
May 10, 2004
Filing Date:
April 18, 1996
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International Classes:
F16L37/12; F16L37/098; (IPC1-7): F16L37/12
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押田 良輝