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Japanese Patent JP2004097191
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To provide a smoking tool consisting of a cigarette holder filled with a fibrous rod and a sucking port, improved with the life of the fibrous rod and increasing the removal amount of adverse substances contained in tobacco smoke for preventing the damage of health of the smoker.

This smoking tool is provided by installing a nicotine-removing mechanism at an upstream side of a partition of a cigarette holder and mounting a cylindrical pipe at the outside of it. Smoke passing through the hole of a disc attached at the tip of the holder collides with the tip of the member formed at the upstream side of the partition to produce the nicotine. The nicotine flows to the downstream side along the sidewall of the member and is taken in the rounded fibers. The smoke reduced with tar and nicotine passes through a ventilation hole in the partition and gets into the fibrous rod mixed with an adsorbent. The smoke is again reduced with the adverse substances and comes out from a sucking port.

Furuya, Masahiko
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Publication Date:
April 02, 2004
Filing Date:
September 12, 2002
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International Classes:
A24F7/04; A24F1/08; (IPC1-7): A24F7/04; A24F1/08