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Japanese Patent JPH07317011
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PURPOSE: To melt snow accumulated on artificial turf and prevent the accumulation of snow by installing a sheet-like heating element under the artificial turf for sport facilities, for example, and laying out a heat reflective film material and an insulating sheet between the turf and a ground and energizing the heating element.

CONSTITUTION: The outer peripheral surface of heating wires 1A is tight-sealed with a heat resistant insulating material 1B having bonding properties, thereby forming a sheet-like heat element 1. Synthetic fiber-made chop threads 4A are planted on the heat resistant insulating material 1A on the top of the sheet-like heating element 1 with a bonding agent in such a fashion that 20 to 80% of the surface of the sheet-like heating element 1 may be exposed across the board, thereby forming artificial turf. To prevent the heat from being scattered, an foaming insulating sheet material 4 whose surface is pasted with a heat reflective film material 2 made of a synthetic resin film or a synthetic resin texture reinforced with an aluminum foil, is placed in between so that the artificial turf may be laid out on the ground surface. The snow accumulated on the turf-planted area is melted by energizing the heating wires 1A by way of the power supply cord IC so that snow melted water is further heated when the water reaches the top of the sheet-like heating element 1 and turned into hot water, thereby increasing a heating capacity.

Komuro, Tokutaro
Sukai, Hitoshi
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Publication Date:
December 05, 1995
Filing Date:
March 20, 1991
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E01C11/26; E01C13/00; E01C13/08; (IPC1-7): E01C11/26; E01C13/08