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Japanese Patent JP2003321821
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To improve the load capacity of a snow thawing device.

In a snow thawing device to thaw a place A by dividing it into a plurality of zones a1 to a3 and distributing heat from a heat source to these zones a1 to a3 for thawing snow in the place A, a control means 3 is provided to change the distribution ratio of heat from the heat source to the zones a1 to a3 so as to increase the volume of heat supply to the zones a1 to a2 having the higher order of priority according to the increase of thawing load, the order of priority set up on these zones a1 to a3 and the information of thawing load detected. This structure changes the ratio of heat source medium L1 distributed to thawing heat dischargers 1A to 1C installed at zones a1 to a3, and the distribution ratio of sprinkling water W supplied to thawing sprinklers 11A to 11C installed at zones a1 to a3.

Yano, Yukihiro
Inoue, Masafumi
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Publication Date:
November 14, 2003
Filing Date:
April 30, 2002
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E01H5/10; E01C11/26; (IPC1-7): E01H5/10; E01C11/26
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北村 修一郎