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Japanese Patent JPH04308379
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PURPOSE: To perform the movement and compression of liquid by the intersecting scoop-up operation of a starting spiral cylinder vane and a hollow vane using viscous chemical reaction material such as glue and coating material while preventing liquid leak from the joint of a flow pipe, friction and frictional trouble.

CONSTITUTION: A motor 2 is provided rotatably with a starting cylinder shaft 3, and the cylinder shaft 3 is provided with a transmission gear 52 in line with one end thereof, and raked cylinder vanes 6 in line with the inner wall thereof. A column 4 is provided with wound-raked vane 7 with one side supported to the inner wall of the cylinder shaft 3. A column receiver 11 is interposed at the transmission local part of the column 4 and linked with the inner wall of a transmission gear 5 in such a way that one end of a vane 71 is exposed. The transmission gear 5 is meshed with the planetary positions of the transmission gear 52, 5. Liquid in a drum is sucked by the spiral vane 71 rotated therein, and the cylinder vanes 6 and vanes 7 are rotated in the intersecting state to accelerate the liquid. Collars (a) are linked with the cylinder shaft 3 and the transmission gear 5, and rubber (b) is held between the collars a, a.

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Publication Date:
October 30, 1992
Filing Date:
April 05, 1991
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F04C2/107; F04C13/00; F04C15/00; (IPC1-7): F04C2/107; F04C13/00; F04C15/00