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Japanese Patent JPH04236850
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PURPOSE: To extensively reduce a hammering work and to reduce variation of tensile force by making the other part of an outer peripheral end edge between head ends of teeth a relief part to be positioned nearer to a central shaft of a sprocket in the radial direction than a support part at the extreme outside position.

CONSTITUTION: A head end part 56 continues linear movement without being engaged with an outer periphery of a sprocket 16. A corner part, that is, a connecting circular arc part 26 moves to the inside of a cutout 66 almost without rolling motion at the time when the part 26 is engaged with a rear end part 58 and a head end part 62 of foot prints 54, 60. Additionally, longevity of the sprocket 16 is remarkably improved by forming a relief region on an outer periphery of the sprocket 16, and hammering work to promote abrasion by motion of a conventional sprocket saw chain to an unsirable degree is almost eliminated. Additionally, oscillation of a side part link 48b is reduced, and more uniform chain tensile force is realized.

O'neel, Timothy H.
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Publication Date:
August 25, 1992
Filing Date:
June 07, 1991
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B27B17/00; B27B17/08; F16H7/06; F16H55/30; (IPC1-7): B27B17/00; F16H7/06; F16H55/30