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Japanese Patent JPH05215545
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PURPOSE:To make it possible to perform autonomous control by detecting the star light through the second slit, which is provided at a reverse position with respect to the scanning direction of the image of the star with regard to the first slit, judging the signal other than a threshold level as the star signal, and inputting the held signal into a sample hold circuit. CONSTITUTION:A detecting slit 20 is added in a slit sheet 24 in addition to detecting slits 21 and 21A. The image of star light 11 from a star 10 is focused on the sheet 24 in front of detectors 2A and 2B with an optical lens 1. When the star image crosses the slits 20, 21 and 21A, the image is detected with the detectors 2B and 2A, respectively. The DC noises of the detected signal of the detector 2A corresponding to the slit 21 are removed with a sample hold circuit 7 and a differential amplifier 4. The detected signal of the detector 2B corresponding to the slit 20 is compared with a specified threshold value with a comparator 8. The star signal exceeding the threshold value is inputted into the circuit 7 through a waveform shaping circuit 9. The holding-mode controlling signal is outputted for a specified period. Thus, the control signal of the sample hold circuit 7 can be formed in the circuit 7 itself.

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Publication Date:
August 24, 1993
Filing Date:
November 27, 1991
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B64G1/36; G01C1/00; G01C21/24; (IPC1-7): B64G1/36; G01C1/00; G01C21/24
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Naoki Kyomoto (2 outside)