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Japanese Patent JPH0734808
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PURPOSE: To prevent the turbine rotor from being bent due to the creep by reducing the temperature rise on the surface of the turbine rotor, and prevent the surface of the space to be formed by the nozzle box and the turbine rotor from being ground by solid particles.

CONSTITUTION: First steam bypass holes 15a, 15b communicating a space 21 to be formed between a double discharge type nozzle box 5 and an inner wheel chamber 4 with steam chambers 20a, 20b after the governing stage are pierced in the pair of right and left high pressure blade rings 13a, 13b respectively. Second steam bypass holes 12a, 12b which are inclined in the same direction are pierced in the projecting part where the rotor blades of the governing stage are implanted of a turbine rotor 8. The steam condition after the right and left governing stage is set so that the steam pressure after the governing stage on the side where the radius of the bypass holes 12a, 12b is large may be lower than that on the side where the radius of the bypass holes is small.

Kokubu, Takatomo
Takita, Katsuhiko
Meshii, Toshiyuki
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Publication Date:
February 03, 1995
Filing Date:
July 26, 1993
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F01D9/02; F01D9/06; F01D25/12; F01D25/14; F01D25/24; (IPC1-7): F01D25/12; F01D9/02; F01D9/06; F01D25/14; F01D25/24
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木村 正巳