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Japanese Patent JP2015000594
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a steering device which can suppress a malfunction resulting from an inclination of a nut of a ball screw mechanism.SOLUTION: An electric power steering device 1 comprises a ball screw mechanism 40 and a reduction mechanism 50. The ball screw mechanism 40 has a nut 41 which is screwed via a plurality of balls 42 at an external peripheral face of a rack shaft 16. The reduction mechanism 50 has a drive pulley 51 which is integrally assembled to an output shaft 21a of a motor 21, a driven pulley 52 which is integrally assembled to the nut 41, and a belt 53 which is wound to the pulleys 51, 52. The other side of the nut 41 is rotatably supported by a ball bearing 44 which is fit to an internal peripheral face of a cylindrical housing 30. A center axis of the internal peripheral face of the housing 30 to which the ball bearing 44 is fit is inclined to a direction in which the center axis is separated from the drive pulley 51 as progressing toward one side from the other side of the nut 41 with respect to a center axis of the rack shaft 16.

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Publication Date:
January 05, 2015
Filing Date:
June 13, 2013
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International Classes:
B62D5/04; F16C19/06; F16C23/08; F16C35/077; F16H7/02; F16H25/22
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Makoto Onda
Hironori Onda