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Japanese Patent JPH07224087
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PURPOSE: To obtain a new steroid derivative efficiently and stereoselectively synthesizable by synthetic organic chemical technique without the need for using natural substance-derived materials with problems such as concerning resource security, having proliferation inhibitory activity against oncocytes, thus useful as an antineoplastic agent etc.

CONSTITUTION: This new steroid derivative having antineoplastic activity is expressed by formula I (R is a 1-13C alkyl; A is hydroxyl group or a group becoming hydroxyl group through ready hydrolysis; X and Y are combined into oxo or a 2-3C alkylenedioxy; X is hydroxyl, a 1-5C alkoxyl or a group becoming hydroxyl group through ready hydrolysis; Y is H or 1-5C alkoxyl; when X is hydroxyl or a group becoming hydroxyl through ready hydrolysis, Y is H; when X is a 1-5C alkoxyl, Y is also a 1-5C alkoxyl). This new compound can be obtained by protecting the hydroxyl group of 3β,12β-dihydroxy-5α- pregnan-20-one followed by alkylation with a Grignard reagent and dehydration and then Oppenauer oxidation of the product which is, in turn, treated with a peroxide.

Yokoo, Chihiro
Wada, Hisaya
Mitome, Hidemichi
Sano, Tatsuhiko
Hatayama, Katsuo
Yamada, Taiji
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Publication Date:
August 22, 1995
Filing Date:
December 14, 1994
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International Classes:
A61K31/58; A61K35/56; A61P35/00; C07J17/00; C07J75/00; (IPC1-7): C07J17/00; A61K31/58; C07J75/00
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北川 富造