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Japanese Patent JPS63138146
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PURPOSE: To prevent the leakage from being easily generated, by designing the method of providing a cooler, which comprises a plurality of cooler cylinders and outer and inner pipes concentrically provided with a space inside the cooler cylinder, to be arranged and constituting a cooling water circuit with a less number of connection parts of cooling water piping.

CONSTITUTION: A bottom part piston cylinder 4, which houses a bottom part piston 4a, is mounted to the bottom part of a supporting plate 3, which mounts to its upper part an upper piston cylinder 2 housing an upper part piston 2a, and the bottom end of said bottom part piston cylinder 4 is connected with the upper surface of a bed seat 10. A groove, provided along a side wall of a column-shaped bed seat main unit 11 of said bed seat 10, is shielded by a cover member 12 forming space of the first cooling water tank 13, and a circular annular groove, formed in the bottom part of the bed seat main unit 11, constitutes the second cooling water tank 14. And a cooler 20, in which an outer pipe 22 and an inner pipe 23 are concentrically arranged in a cooler cylinder 21, is arranged between the supporting plate 3 and the bed seat 11, forming the inner pipe 23 providing its upper end in a position, appearing in the top part of the outer pipe 22, while connecting the bottom end to the second cooling water tank 14.

Hashimoto, Kenji
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June 10, 1988
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February 04, 1987
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F02G1/055; (IPC1-7): F02G1/055

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