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Japanese Patent JPH04348860
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PURPOSE: To provide a stone grinding machine which is very simple, small-size and compact in the structure of its frame and so on, and inexpensive, in the stone grinding machines which grind stone using plural grinding disks, for instance, of eight kinds by changing the grinding disks in turn from the grinding disk having coarse abrasive grains to the grinding disk having fine abrasive grains, and, in addition, to give the completely new, small-size and low price stone grinding machine which can grind the upright surface of the stone automatically.

CONSTITUTION: A stone grinding machine has a frame 10, a supporting body 21 fixed to this frame 10, and two endless chains 27 which are arranged so as to engage with plural sprocket wheels 26 provided on the supporting body 21 and are driven intermittently in the required direction. Plural fixing disks 28 are attached to these chains 27 at required intervals. Each grinding disk 41 is attached to the respective fixing disks 28. This stone grinding machine grinds a stone material 90 by advancing the grinding disk 41 located at the required position by pushing it by means of a driving shaft 52 while the chains 27 are stationary. Such as machine whose driving shaft 52 is capable of advancing and withdrawing in the horizontal direction can grind the upright surface of the stone material 90.

Ogyu, Shingo
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Publication Date:
December 03, 1992
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February 28, 1991
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B24B7/22; B24B45/00; (IPC1-7): B24B7/22; B24B45/00