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Japanese Patent JP2012143378
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To provide the structure for associatingly folding table legs which quickly bundles table legs together.

The structure includes: a main frame 10 having a plate body 11 exhibiting a long plate shape; supporting legs 20 installed in the housing installation vessel of a combination block 13; a table face supporting frame 30 installed on the combination block 13; an adjoining plate 40 installed on the supporting frame; and an adjoining plate 50 installed on the supporting legs 20. A table top plate is provided in a connected row arrangement on both sides of the plate body, while on the plate body 11, a combination vessel body 12 and auxiliary legs 14 are arranged at both ends of the bottom face and in an appropriate part close to both ends. In the combination vessel body 12, a combination block 13 having a housing installation vessel 131 inside is installed. The adjoining plate 50 is continuously connected with the adjoining plate 40. The table top plate is continuously connect with both sides of the plate body 11 of the main frame 10. When the table top plate is folded, the supporting legs 20 bundled by the rotation of the combination block 13, a table face supporting frame 30, a first adjoining plate 40, and a second adjoining plate 50 are stored under the plate body 11 of the main frame 10.

Chen, Delong
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Publication Date:
August 02, 2012
Filing Date:
January 12, 2011
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International Classes:
A47B3/08; A47B3/083
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
小原 英一