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Japanese Patent JP2008121756
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To provide a sucker device which is advantageously installed in a small space while eliminating the need for securing a large space for a lock lever to rock.

When a sucking face 24 is made to face a sucked face 2, a center shaft 14 is pushed against the sucked face 2 until a push-against sucking face 24 contacts the sucked face 2 all over, and the front end of a skirt portion 32 is made to abut on the outer periphery of a back face 26 or on a site of the sucked face 2 on the radial outside of the back face 26, then the sucker device is put into an initial sucking condition. When the lock lever 18 is rotated from an initial position to a lock position in the initial sucking condition, the center shaft 14 is forcibly displaced to a direction of leaving the sucked face 2 by a cam mechanism 22 and then the sucker device is put into a final sucking condition.

Hara, Shiro
Akai, Takayuki
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Publication Date:
May 29, 2008
Filing Date:
November 10, 2006
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International Classes:
F16B47/00; A47G29/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
野田 茂