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Japanese Patent JP2009150516
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To provide a sucker which enhances suction by deflection of the peripheral part and maintains the suction for a long time.

A sucking face 11 is concavely curved, a non-sucking face 12 is shaped like a convexly curved round dish, and is formed of a flexible material to be gradually thinner from the center part to a peripheral part 13 so as to enhance the flexibility of the peripheral part 13. A projection 14 is formed integrally at the central part of the non-sucking face 12 and a bow-shaped additional member 2 is fixed thereto so as to give a force to enhance the suction which is produced by flexure of the peripheral part 13. The additional member 2 is flexed together with the peripheral part 13 to enhance the suction due to the elastic restoring force of the additional member 2.

Yamamoto, Kazumasa
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July 09, 2009
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December 21, 2007
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河野 登夫