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Japanese Patent JP2005348935
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To provide a suction type cleaning apparatus capable of suppressing a cost without lowering the sucking performance due to trapping of dust and the like in a suction port.

A plurality of horizontal hollow bars 2 having suction ports 21a are disposed in a line in the front/rear direction of an upper wall 21, and energized by a first energizing means 3 to move from an upper level to a lower level by upper loading, and when removing the load, returning from the lower level to the upper level. A side box 4 is disposed adjacent to a first end 22, the first end is provided with an end opening 221 and a suspending wall 222 in its lower side, a first side wall 41 of the side box is provided with a communication port 411, when the hollow bars 2 are in the upper level, overlapping with the suspending wall 222, and when they are in the lower level, overlapping with the end opening 221 to connect a suction device 5 to the side box. When the suction device is operated and an object T1 to be cleaned is moved frontward on the hollow bars, an attachment of the object T1 to be cleaned is sucked and removed through the suction port 21a moved to the lower level by receiving the upper loading by the object T1 to be cleaned.

Ikeda, Tadao
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Publication Date:
December 22, 2005
Filing Date:
June 10, 2004
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A47L23/22; B60S3/04; (IPC1-7): A47L23/22; B60S3/04
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日比 紀彦
岸本 瑛之助
渡邊 彰
清末 康子
松村 直都