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Japanese Patent JP2018192538
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To enable oscillation velocity of a grindstone 3 to become as high as possible, in a super-finishing device 2 for super-finishing a worked surface of a workpiece 1 by oscillating the grindstone 3.SOLUTION: A crank pin 93 provided in a position eccentric with respect to the center 300 of a crank shaft 9 on the side of one end of the crank shaft 9, and an eccentric shaft 63 provided on the free end side of a swing arm 62 are connected together by a connecting rod 10. A first balance weight 11 for balancing rotation of the crank shaft 9 is provided on the side of the one end of the crank shaft 9. Additionally, a second balance weight 12 for balancing an inertia force of oscillatory movement of the swing arm 62 and a wheel head 5 is provided on the mounting side of the swing arm 62.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

大瀬 哲也
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December 06, 2018
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May 12, 2017
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B24B35/00; B24B19/06; F16C3/06; F16C3/18; F16C3/24; F16C7/06; F16C9/04
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