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Japanese Patent JPS5789208
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PURPOSE: To improve cooling capacity in a spacer part by a method wherein a spacer inserted between composite superconductive wires comprising a superconductive body and a normal conductor metal is formed by an electrical insulating material having relatively good thermal conductivity.

CONSTITUTION: A superconductive magnet 1 is formed by a method wherein composite superconductive windings 2 are formed into a double-ring shape with an insulator, and the resultant ones are piled intervening a spacers 3. And, a cooling passage 4 is formed between superconductive windings 2 formed in a double-ring shape, and liquid helium is passed through into this passage. A surface 5 to be cooled of the superconductive winding 2 is thus cooled to keep said superconductive winding 2 below the critical temperature. Further, using boron fiber reinforced resin having larger thermal conductivity in the range of liquid helium temperature than that of glass fiber reinforced resin for a material of the spacer 3 or by using ceramics having larger thermal diffusivity than that of the glass fiber reinforced resin, cooling capacity of the spacer part can be improved.

Shiraku, Yoshinori
Ogata, Hisanao
Fujioka, Kazumasa
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Publication Date:
June 03, 1982
Filing Date:
November 26, 1980
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International Classes:
H01F6/04; H01F6/06; (IPC1-7): H01F5/08