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Japanese Patent JPH05342926
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PURPOSE: To provide a superconductor in which generation of heat is small, and which operates stably, in the superconductor comprising plural superconductive wires twisted with each other by applying groove work along the length of the superconductive wires, and providing a high-resistance layer on the surface of protruding parts of them.

CONSTITUTION: In a superconductor obtained by twisting a number of alloy- based superconductive wires 2 with each other, inserting an obtained matter into a metal tube, and heating it at 150°C or more to fuse the superconductive wires 2 with each other, groove work is applied in a Cu layer 7 around a group 5 of a number of alloy-based superconductive filaments of NbTi, NbZr, etc., and a high-resistance layer comprising an Sn layer or an Sn alloy layer 8 and a Cu or CuNi alloy layer 3, 6 are provided in the surface of protruding parts of grooves. In case of the superconductive alloy wires comprising compound- based superconductive wires of Nb3Sn, Nb3Al, etc., the high-resistance layer including at least three layers of Sn or Sn alloy, Cu or CuNi alloy, and Nb, Ta or V is provided on the surface of the protruding parts of the wires. A superconductor which operates stably without generating heat if it is exposed in an AC magnetic field can be provided.

Ando, Toshinari
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Publication Date:
December 24, 1993
Filing Date:
June 03, 1992
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H01B12/02; H01B12/08; H01B12/16; (IPC1-7): H01B12/16; H01B12/02; H01B12/08
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西澤 利夫