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Japanese Patent JP2006198670
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To provide a supplying apparatus for molten metal having a new constitution by which a fixed quantity of molten metal can surely be supplied in a simple constitution and also, various costs can be reduced.

The supplying apparatus is provided with a holding furnace 3 for holding the molten metal m and a pressurizing chamber 2 for supplying a prescribed quantity of molten metal in the molten metal held in the holding furnace 3 into a casting machine. The pressurizing chamber 2 is integrally connected with a fixed molten metal surface chamber 5 for storing the molten metal m and a pressurizing space 6 pressurized for tapping the molten metal m stored in the fixed molten metal surface chamber 5 to every prescribed quantity into the casting machine. Then, a molten metal tapping quantity adjusting body 7 for increasing/decreasing the molten metal tapping quantity into the casting machine by charging it into the pressurizing space 6 and changing the volume in the inner part of the pressurizing space 6, is arranged in the pressurizing space 6 so as to be taken out and exchanged.

Ikui, Akira
Fujita, Minetaka
Akase, Makoto
Azai, Takemasa
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Publication Date:
August 03, 2006
Filing Date:
January 24, 2005
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B22D39/06; B22D17/30; B22D18/04; B22D45/00
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中村 正道
石渡 英房
細井 貞行
長南 満輝男