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Japanese Patent JP2003039159
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To enable a molten metal intruding in a valve box and a supplying path to be easily discharged in a molten metal furnace in drawing up a supplying device from the molten metal furnace while enabling a molten metal having less possibility of entraining a metallic oxide to be sucked in a cylinder case, with simple construction.

A suction path 22 is penetrally formed on the valve box 19 so as to open on a valve body transfer space 24 at the higher position than that of a discharge path 23, and a fitting part 32, for internally fitting freely inserting/pulling out a supplying path forming member 30 formed with a supplying path 2 into a base material 29 provided with a cylinder case 4, is formed. The discharge path is communicated with the inside of the fitting part, and the discharge path is provided so as to communicate with the supplying path in the state that the supplying path forming member is internally fitted. And on the bottom part of the fitting part, a communication path 33, capable of communicating with the molten metal furnace D at the position lower than that of the discharge path, is penetrably formed, and a closing member 36 capable of closing the communication path accompanying internally fitting the supplying path forming member against the fitting part, is provided integrally with the supplying path forming member.

Nakagawa, Kenichi
Tsuchida, Jiro
Yamaguchi, Hiroshi
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Publication Date:
February 12, 2003
Filing Date:
July 30, 2001
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International Classes:
B22D35/00; B22D17/30; (IPC1-7): B22D35/00; B22D17/30
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北村 修一郎