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Japanese Patent JP2006007875
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To improve measuring accuracy regarding a parked vehicle with the usage of a distance measuring means such as an ultrasonic sensor so as to suitably support for parking.

With the usage of the ultrasonic sensor 1 and a vehicle speed sensor 2, detected distance data di showing a distance between an own vehicle and the parked vehicle around the own vehicle and advancing distance data ΔXi of the own vehicle are stored before stopping the own vehicle once so as to start retreating. When a size of the parked vehicle is calculated from the advancing distance data ΔXi, the size of the parked vehicle is determined so that the size is shorter than the size calculated by integrating the advancing distance data ΔXi. Thereby, the determined size of the parked vehicle can be approximated to the actual size of the parked vehicle. Thus, measuring accuracy of the size of the parked vehicle can be improved, and setting of a parking scheduled area and driving support for parking in the parking scheduled area can be suitably carried out.

Matsukawa, Norifumi
Sato, Yoshihisa
Kato, Koji
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Publication Date:
January 12, 2006
Filing Date:
June 23, 2004
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B60R21/00; B60Q1/48; B60W10/06; B60W10/20; B60W30/06; B62D15/02; G01S13/00; G01S13/93; G01S15/93; G05D1/03; G08G1/14; G08G1/16; B60R1/00
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矢作 和行