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Japanese Patent JPS61268876
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PURPOSE: To prevent the concentration of thrust and reduction of self-priming performance by constituting the thrust of a cylinder block is cancellation-enable ways by a piston mechanism and forming a feeding and discharge flow passage except at the contact part between a valve plate and a port block.

CONSTITUTION: A cylinder block 1 is spline-connected to an input shaft 2. A plurality of plungers 4 having a shoe 3 formed are installed onto the cylinder block 1, and the shoe 3 is attached onto a swash plate 5 in slidable ways. Further, on the opposite side surface of the cylinder block 1 to the swash plate 5, a valve plate 7 is installed, and the both 1 and 7 are surface-attached. In this case, the valve plate 7 and a port block 9 are formed integrally by a projecting part 8 and a recessed part 10 fitted each other, and the valve body 7 is turned only in the direction crossing nearly at right angles to the direction of tilt of the swash plate 5. At the symmetrical position to the port block 9, at least a pair of hollow pistons 11 are installed, and the piston 11 and the hollow part of a bolt 12 are allowed to communicate to a feeding and discharging flow passage 14.

Inoue, Atsushi
Nakazato, Masakazu
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Publication Date:
November 28, 1986
Filing Date:
May 24, 1985
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International Classes:
F04B1/20; (IPC1-7): F04B1/20